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New Tours
- Tibet 4day Mini-package Group Tour for Individuals (A) 2007
- "Discover Tibet" 5 Classical Tours 2006
- “Discover Tibet” - Trans-Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 8 Day Tour 2006
- Tibet 4Day Mini-package Group Tour for Individuals (B) 2007
- Places of Tourist interest
- Lhasa -- a City of Sunshine
- Shigatse -- A Granary of Tibet
- Shannan -- Birthplace of Tibetan Culture
- Nyingchi -- Like on Area to the South of the Yangtze River in Tibet
- Nagquk -- Great Pasture in North Tibet
- Ngari -- Top of the Roaf of the World

- Tibet 4day Mini-package Group Tour for Individuals (A) 2007
- Lhasa/North Tibet/Namtso Lake/Gyangtse/Shigatse 6Day Tour
- Lhasa/Northern Tibet/Namtso Lake/Nyinchi 6day Tour
- Mt. Everest Base Camp 7Day Tour
- Lhasa/Shigatse/Tingri/Zhangmu (to Kathmandu) 7day Tour
- Lhasa/Shigatse/Mt.Everest/Mt.Kalash/Zhada/Shiguanhe/Lhasa(20days)
- Lhasa/Gyangtse/Shigatse/Mt.Kalash
- Lhasa/Gyangtse/Shigatse/Mt. Everest/Trekking Around Mt. Kalash (16days)
- Round Trip to North-west of Tibet (20days)
- Trekking towards Mt. Everest Base Camp Area(11days)
- Trekking from Ganden to Samye(10days)
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